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Activities, Music, and Foreign Language: Develop your child's talents, and interests, and provide time for creative expression.


PLAYBALL is an early sports and movement program offered to children between 2 to 9 years of age that actively incorporates the development of life skills through the means of sports skills. We teach the basics of 12 different sports skills. The life skills learned include confidence, sportsmanship, cooperation, independence, flexibility, responsibility, persistence, leadership, goal setting, self worth, respect, positive relations, decision making, courage, and communication.

It has been scientifically proven that physical activity has a profound influence on academic performance. PLAYBALL provides children at Legacy Academy with an opportunity to develop every aspect of their lives. PLAYBALL owners, Scott and Jennifer Valiquett, are actively involved in the implementation of the PLAYBALL program at Legacy Academy Lawrenceville and provide on-going training to coaches every 12 weeks.

Pre-Ballet and Tap Ballet

“PRE-BALLET” and TAP BALLET for ages 3 to 5 years of age. These classes are structured programs designed for the early development of ballet and movement. They precisely meet the needs and limitations of preschoolers by providing a carefully paced sequence of exercises to develop physical conditioning with poise and grace. Since children naturally respond to music and movement, the activities are presented through music. In the Tap/Ballet program, children learn self-discipline, listening skills, coordination skills, left and right discrimination and patterns in movement. Top dance studios across the nation offer Creative Movement “Pre-Ballet” and Tap Ballet to age 3, 4 and 5 students to enhance self-confidence and enthusiasm.

Music Care

Music Care curriculum is music enhancement, meaning that we are here to complement what the classroom teachers are already trying to accomplish. We have emphases of our own, but the educational needs of your school come first. Even more importantly, we believe that music can help us focus on the children’s social needs, such as enabling them to “let down” and “open up.” This way they can take in more information and actually remember it. Something that educators have known for many years about small children is that “their work is their play.” So, if we can get them fully engaged in a song, using as many of their senses as possible at one time, then they become a fertile ground for learning.

Mondays: Karate

Tuesdays: Music Classes and Teams of Tomorrow

Wednesdays: Playball

Fridays: Madarin Classes and Ballet

Music and Foreign Language Programs